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Provides a complete digital content selling platform for you that works out of the box, without the need to install or host any software.


The pricing plans are offered per month, with fairly expensive price for each plan. There are limited projects, limited portal members, and limited admin accounts for each plan, except for the most expensive plan.


Kajabi is a cloud-based membership software that offers a solid platform for you to sell digital content, as well as provides quick delivery service for your products. Kajabi also provides content delivery network, social media integration, and KRUNCH media encoding for the Pro and Ultra plans.

Detailed Review

Kajabi is a membership software created by Kajabi, LLC, a software company founded in 2009 and headquartered in Orange County, California, USA. Aside from creating Kajabi, the company also creates various useful tools for online businesses, including Kajabi Next and Megaphone.

Automatic Content Delivery

With Kajabi, you can always deliver your content with ease. This software allows you to add files to your membership dashboard, such as video, audio, PDF, and text, and share your files with your subscribers. You can either share your content to all subscribers or make it exclusively available only to certain subscribers on certain membership levels. Thus, you can deliver your content automatically to your subscribers without hassle. You can also schedule your content delivery according to your own arrangements.

Easy Plugin Solution

This feature allows you to simplify all the plugins, widgets, tools, themes, and other little parts of the common membership software into one setup. This is due to the nature of the software itself, which is hosted in the cloud. Since it is not hosted on your own server, you can simplify all the setup process with Kajabi. All the plugins and widgets are available for you in an organized manner, with no complicated setup at all.

Easy Promotion

Marketing should be the heart of your online business, and Kajabi provides a simple marketing solution for you. You can create any marketing materials with Kajabi, and also, you can create them in the most professional way. Kajabi provides a lot of marketing templates that you can use to promote your products and attract people into joining your membership website. So, whether you are creating a sales page, a squeeze page, or a download page, you can do it easily with this software. You can also integrate all your marketing materials with your preferred payment gateway and email marketing platform.

More Valuable Content

The content that you put into the Kajabi platform looks more valuable and professional. This is mainly due to the site template offered by the membership software. With the enhanced aesthetics, users get more satisfaction in downloading your content and paying for it. If you are selling content in video format, it is presented as thumbnails, which gives your subscribers even more motivation to watch it one by one. You can also allow your subscribers to write comment within the content download area, which encourages interaction and discussion with other subscribers. Not only that, you can either deliver your content all at once, or just deliver it one by one over a period of time.

Automatic Updates

With Kajabi, you don’t need to bother yourself with software updates. The software updates are done automatically, since it is a cloud-based platform. You don’t need to install the updates manually to your server, since you do not install this software on your host. So, it means that you always have the latest version of the software whenever you use it. Moreover, the software’s security feature helps you to keep your content safe within the system for as long as you use it in your business.


Kajabi can be considered as a no-hassle way to build a professional membership website. If you don’t want to deal with the complex installation of membership software, then Kajabi is the right software for you. There are three pricing options available: Starter, Pro, and Ultra. You can choose the one that is suitable for your business needs, and you can always scale your business with this software later. Just be aware that each plan provides limited projects, portal members, and admin accounts, except for the Ultra plan, which is the most expensive one.

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Official Website $99/mo

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User Reviews

It's full of bugs and limitations

Kajabi App By Antonio Bortolotti on March 30th

Honestly, I'm not happy at all. I've had lots of issues since I started using it, some of which are pretty bad IMHO: charges to customers beyond the fixed installment plan (with all the nuisance and the damage to the reputation you can imagine - I had to go into Stripe and manually refund the extra charge then delete the payment plan for a number of customers, then had to go into NK and manually reactivate their membership to allow them to keep viewing the course they paid for...), clients viewing a blank page for no reason after login and complaining about their purchase, facebook pixels that make it unable to view the thank you page thus making it useless to try and use FB pixels for tracking campaigns (with NK support saying they have no idea why that's happening and I'm apparently the first case occurred), no way of offering a free trial course with the charge being done automatically at the end of the trial period (insane: I had to figure out a workaround using their 'coupon' to offer a free trial, which many customers didn't redeem, so they where charged instantly instead of at the end of the trial and got upset), limitations of many kinds (no integrations with all major mailing lists providers, only Infusionsoft and now a handful of others, otherwise you need to use webhooks or external apps like Zapier which are definitely not the way to go for non tech-savvy entrepreneurs) and so much more. All these, paired with the price of NK, make my old system of selling courses online via a Wordpress site and a membership software way more reliable and worth the investment, although of course it implies a lot more work in the back end to set everything up. When they launched, one of the founders openly said: "If you can't afford $997 for NK, than this is not for you"! That was quite a sentence: all those like me who CAN afford $997 yet they expect the product to deliver on their promise and it doesn't are in my opinion quite understandably concerned that the product is worth the investment. After six months since I joined, I'd better look somewhere else.

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Using New Kajabi Beta, LOVE IT

Kajabi App By Robert Wallace on January 5th

I signed up for the Beta version of New Kajabi (now closed till next year). New Kajabi and regular Kajabi are similar but New Kajabi is WAY more robust. I love it, people are making good money at it, but I assume they have already developed mailing lists (which I haven't) and they are doing a promotion where they are giving 3 invite codes to each beta user. They can only be used once each, so if it doesn't work, then you'll have to wait till next year or find someone else who has a code.

Just to help those who hesitated during the Beta launch, you will love this- There was a 30 day guarantee on it when I got in, just fyi if you want it. I love this software, You should YouTube this for reviews. It's super intuitive and better then their old products, Kajabi namely which I used right before this came out. I recommend it.

If you don't know about it watch their sales videos, they now support membership pages, landing pages (coming soon- so they give you MegaPhone (their landing page software free until that gets added), email marketing coming soon, free video hosting using Wispia (something like that) and awesome templates. Everything is linked together really well and made it relatively easy to do what took me 2 years before (and I never launched) in just a matter of hours. Very intuitive for novices like myself but they have flexibility for coders too if you need that in a site builder.

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