Top Logo Design Service

Creating the right logo for your business is important to build your brand within your business niche. That’s why it is better if you leave the design job to the professional designers. Below are some leading logo design companies compared along with their price and features.

Logo Design Service Buying Guide

Your business logo is something that you present to your clients and customers. Whether you are running an online or offline business, the business logo is the face of your business. If it is good, then it can contribute to a good image for your business. If it is bad, then it can contribute to a bad business image.

What to Look?

When looking at a good logo design service, you can see that most of them offer various kinds of logo creation services, with various different pricing as well. Some services offer logo design creation in packages or bundles, while other services offer their logo design creation based on individual products. Some of them offers a platform for you to work with designers around the world, while some others have their own in-house designers that are ready to work for your project.

How can you choose the best logo design service for your business? There are several aspects that you need to take a look at first. Remember that by trusting others to create a logo for your business, it means that you are trusting others to create the overall image for your business. You need to consider this very carefully. Once you have chosen your logo, you are going to use it for years to come, and you cannot just change your business logo anytime you wish. So, here are some important aspects that you need to take a look when choosing a good logo design service for your business.

The Pricing Plan

Of course, before choosing any logo design service, you have to take a look at your budget. Do you have a fixed budget for this logo design project? If so, you can proceed in comparing various pricing plans offered by various services. Some services offer a flat-rate pricing plan, while other services offer no fixed pricing plan. It means that you can set your own price for your project and attract designers to work on it. Some services also offer an expensive pricing plan, while other services offer affordable pricing plan. Remember that the more expensive the plan, the better the logo design and the overall service that you get.

In-House Designers vs Contest Designers

Some logo design services have their own in-house designers, while others only provide a platform for you to meet your project with designers from around the world. This is usually called contest. Your project is going to be listed to the service provider’s website, and the website then allows designers to work on it. You pay only for the best design that one of them can provide to you. Choosing between in-house designers and contest designers usually means choosing between quality and quantity. In-house designers usually provide better work than contest designers, since they usually consist of professional and award-winning designers. Meanwhile, the contest designers usually consist of a mix between amateur and professional designers.

Revision and Satisfaction Guarantee

The next thing to take a look in a good logo design service is whether they provide free revision and a satisfaction guarantee to their customers. Some logo design services may charge an expensive price for their service, but in return, they offer free unlimited revisions and a satisfaction guarantee. On the other hand, other services may charge affordable price for their service, but in return, they offer only limited revisions. While most logo design services may provide some sort of satisfaction guarantee for their customers, you still need to take a look about it in their pricing page.


Choosing the right logo design service for your business can mean a lot for your business. A good logo design service provides a good logo for your business, which in turn helps you to increase your business brand image. Remember that you need to choose only the best service for your logo design project, since there are many available services that you can find online. To find the best one, first you need to match the pricing plan with the budget that you have. Second, it is better for you to choose a service that has in-house designers in it to ensure that you get the best logo for your business. Third, you need to make sure that the service allows the needed revisions for your logo, and it has to provide a satisfaction guarantee for their customers.