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Customizable chat console, pro-active chat, co-browsing option, multilingual support, spelling checker, 10-day free trial + 30-day money-back.


Fewer integration options.


With a multitude of customizable user-friendly tools and time-saving features, ProvideSupport’s live chat software helps companies create new connections as well as maintain existing ones.

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ProvideSupport is a Live Chat and Website Traffic Monitoring software provider. The company was founded in 2003 and has its headquarters in New York, NY. According to the company’s website, ProvideSupport currently serves as many as 30,000 customers in 29 languages.  

Customization Options

ProvideSupport's allows businesses to customize their operator console with their own company logo and a greeting message. An operator photo can also be uploaded to present a personal touch. The chat messenger can be customized with color schemes and styles that match your website's main theme. The live chat button for the website can be either chosen from on online gallery, or customized by uploading your own image.

Proactive Chat Invitation images can also be chosen from the online gallery. In addition, ProvideSupport lets users upload their own .png, .jpg or .gif images, which allows you to add animation or transparency effects to the image.

Real-Time Visitor Monitoring

The real-time visitor information feature lets you view your visitor’s IP address, host name, referrer address, pages visited, etc. The geographic location of your website’s visitors is also provided on a world map. This information is not only useful for chat operators to be prepared and know in advance what their customers may be looking for, but it also provides valuable information for your company, such as details about your average customer’s demand and location.

Transferable Chats

Most businesses today tend to separate customer service from sales. As a result, two different sets of agents may be required to handle you chat services. ProvideSupport has a feature that allows agents to transfer their customers to their colleagues. The feature also facilitates Operator-to-Operator chats, in case your agents require assistance or need to exchange important information.

Time-Saving Options

Reducing agent response time helps your business serve more customers. Moreover, no customer likes to spend too much time receiving responses to their inquiries. ProvideSupport offers some tools that help you do just that. Canned Responses allows agents to provide pre-written answers to frequently asked questions. It also allows agents to send links or files that can direct the customer to the information they need. A Spell Checker and Suggestions function allows agents to reduce their typing time and errors. In addition, a 'Party is Typing' notification lets both the visitor and the chat operator know when a message is being typed on the live chat messenger.


It's not always easy for chat operators to explain procedures via live chat. ProvideSupport's cobrowsing feature allows the operator to take control of their customer’s computer screen to solve their problems efficiently and quickly. This feature not only helps reduce an agent’s response time, but it also helps to prevent confusion and frustration for the end user.


ProvideSupport integrates effortlessly with popular Content Management and Shopping Cart Systems such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento, OpenCart and Shopify among others. The live chat software facilitates the process of adding live chat buttons or a text chat link on your website. In addition, Google Analytics integration allows you to view your initiated chats as well as offline messages sent by your visitors in your GA account itself.


The Live Chat software is ably supported by detailed FAQs, Help Manuals and Troubleshooting guides. In addition, the company's website offers comprehensive tutorials and a plethora of 'Best Practices', including tips on chat etiquette, proactive chat tips and tricks, and other useful live chat techniques. The company also runs a blog that provides users with the latest news and updates.     


A live chat service provides businesses with the perfect opportunity to "wow" their customers. With ProvideSupport's Live Chat software, companies can offer their customers personalized services in a timely manner. Customization options are aplenty, and a geographical presentation of real-time visitor information ensures that companies know what their customers are looking for.

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Official Website $15.00/mo

Live Chat Software Features

  • Proactive Invite

  • Chat Triggers

  • Monitor Visitors

  • Analytics

  • Customization

  • Integrations


  • Translation

  • Email Piping

  • Spam Control

  • Support Tickets

  • File Sharing

  • User Feedback

  • Transfer Chat

  • Canned Reply

  • Transcripts

  • Auto Hide

  • Mobile Apps

  • Security


  • Offline Form

  • Free Trial

    10 Days

  • API

  • Support Options


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