Top Link Tracker

Many online businesses require a sophisticated link tracker for their internet marketing need. These link tracking tools allow to easily track conversion, ROI and help to improve campaign performance. Below is a list of some leading tools compared with their price and features.

Click Tracking Software Buying Guide

For an Internet marketer, a click or link tracking software has a big role to play in ensuring the success of an online marketing campaign. In fact, the role of such software is dual: Tracking the performance of a campaign to improve it and protecting the various outgoing links from click fraud or theft, a trouble that is on the rise these days. Without these roles, a professional cannot know how the diverse online marketing campaigns are working for accomplishing the preset marketing goals.  

Source or Type of Traffic

Apart from tracking and protecting, the click or link trackers are intelligent enough to provide deep insights to take informed decisions for boosting the performance of different campaigns such as ad, PPC, social media, and even organic. Through these insights, you can easily spot which links or pages are bringing you maximum clicks or traffic along with what kind of visitors or leads are visiting which pages. These details have significant role to play in making the marketer take the right decision at the right time. Well now, the question arises as to which click tracker or link cloaker is right for your business.

Your Tracking Requirements

For choosing the right click tracking software or tool, it is vital to know your own business requirements and then map them to the features of the various promising click trackers. Most trackers have the ability to perform multiple roles such link cloaker, click tracker, URL redirection, conversion tracking and so on. Looking for the most essential features can help you find the best click tracking software. Here are these features to consider.

Cloud Service versus Software

A tracking software program gets installed at your own server with one-time fee and is not dependent on any third party, You’re however required to pay for hosting fees. On the other hand, a clod platform needs no installation and is ready to get started with a monthly fee. Most link tracking platforms these days allows custom domain so you can easily link your domain for branding purpose.

Trial or Demo Availability

If you are buying a link tracker for the first time, it is smart to choose a software program or service that is easy to use and reliable. One of the ways to check for reliability is to go through the free demos or work initially on its FREE trial version.

Real-time Reporting

Many click tracking tools offer custom reports to show you what is being tracked. However, your online business will certainly need the one with the real-time reporting ability. Keep in mind that not all trackers will offer real time updates. Further, while all trackers allow viewing the statistics online, they shall differ in terms of the extent of details reported. For instance, a few tools might report the total clicks for each day, while some might report the same for each hour.

Nevertheless, the generated reports reveal the campaigns that triggered the most visitors, sources that paved way for maximum sales, and landing pages that were profitable. A few trackers can email you the stats daily as well as the links that just got clicked! They even allow exporting report stats.

Campaign and Conversion Tracking

If your business is executing several diverse campaigns, it makes sense to choose a tracker that can provide an overall summary of all ads (current, scheduled, and expired). It should also be able to check your links automatically, shorten the long URLs and cloak them to avoid theft, and manage sub-campaigns enabling you to have a different URL for each source of advertising but with only one tracking URL.

Visitor Tracking

Most trackers are capable of tracking the information of visitors or leads, such as IP address, referring URL, mobile operating system, browser type, and date and time of clicking. However, very few trackers have the ability to record the visitor’s actions such as subscribing to newsletter, purchasing a product, downloading a free book. Perhaps, it is wise to have such a recording ability so that you can know the interests of your customers for better marketing. A smarter or advanced tracker can even track the visitor’s actions after leaving your site.

These are the basic features that you need to have in your link tracker. So, now do you think your task of selecting the right link tracker is simplified?