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Provides certain unique features such as Leads which provide traditional forms of contacting competitor websites such as Leads and Affiliates (discussed below).


The interface can have bit of a learning curve for some users.


SpyFu may not appeal to all users but it has certain unique features that can make it worth the purchase even if you already have another PPC tool in your arsenal.

Detailed Review

SpyFu is a handy tool to include in your internet marketing toolkit due to the different perspective of data and certain unique tools it provides. It lays emphasis on “spying” on your competitors (hence the name) rather than focusing on the components of your own website, certainly a good strategy but can be quite futile to the customer looking to penetrate a new market. It is offering the platform since few years now and don't rely on any third party data.

If you skeptical, SpyFu has a 30-day refund policy, risk-free which can make a test drive worth it.

PPC Research

SpyFu provides useful insights by analyzing data of competitors as well as your own. The conclusions feature can be ideal to give you the big picture of things. For example, information such as “you rank in the top 100 of 1000 keywords that you also target on adwords. SpyFu is noted for being an ideal tool for covering the big picture however when you drill down to the details, sometimes the numbers may be a little off.

It is important to keep in mind that the above negative point is applicable for virtually any other keyword tool. SpyFu also analyzes ad copy of competitors allowing you to easily tweak your landing page beforehand without having to go through the ropes and burn through a large amount of money during the trial and error process. SpyFu also quickly identifies keywords that are bad for your quality score and conversions.


Bringing in another dimension to spying, with SpyFu you can quickly identify more personal contact information of the website vendor you are looking into such as a physical address. Furthermore you can also find details of related websites. This can be quite useful if you are looking to pitch a B2B product.

SEO Research

SpyFu is also a great tool if you are looking to boost your SEO status in parallel with your search marketing campaigns. The reports keep you informed of which way you are moving in the search engines and notify you of drops so you can work on keeping your organic traffic flowing in.

Affiliate Tool

A secondary feature that can prove to be quite profitable, SpyFu indicates affiliates of your competitors so if you have a great product with a good affiliate plan, you can look to directly contact affiliates of your competitors and have them promote your product for you. This is one feature that stands out with SpyFu.

Competition Analysis Reports

If you own or represent an agency, report building can be quite the hassle. SpyFu generates reports be it PPC or SEO on the fly with conclusions provided in layman terms as explained above in order to easily communicate with the end customer. Simply fill in a few details and you are good to go, a complete report with insightful graphics and suggestions on how to proceed.


SpyFu is available in three packages; Basic, Professional and Agency ranging from $80 to $1000 however pricing can be a little confusing. Featured are offered in terms of “credits”. For example the Basic package at $79 gives you 400 credits. Some features are not unlimited such as Rank Tracking and checking of Leads which will cost you credits. So you might find yourself falling short if you tend to overuse the product. For the most part however, the credits provided are well enough to get your money’s worth.

Merchant Price
Official Website $79.00/mo

Keyword Analysis Tool Features

  • PPC Keywords

  • PPC Ads

  • PPC Traffic

  • PPC Competitors

  • Ad History

    8+ Years

  • Organic Keywords

  • Organic Rank

  • Organic Traffic

  • Organic Competitors

  • Rank History

    8+ Years

  • Countries

    US & UK

  • Site Audit

  • Domain Comparison

  • Position Tracking

  • Backlink Research

  • Keyword Research

  • PLA Research

  • Affiliate Research

  • Free Trial

  • Developer API

  • Branded Reports

  • Support Options


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