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Provides an in-depth overview of the state of a website, competitors as well as keywords in an industry in a fraction of time. Provides important data for organic SEO and PPC.


Estimates should be treated as estimates as data may not be 100% accurate. No affiliate data research.


SEMRush is no magic wizard but will equip you with an arsenal of tools to make your online search campaign a lot easier. Definitely worth taking for a spin!

Detailed Review

SEMRush is a popular tool for SEO & SEM that deliver on its promise of providing valuable keyword and traffic data about your website or your competitors’ website at a nominal price. SEMRush is an ideal tool whether you are a search marketing consultant or run your own websites. You can make a quick search about any domain, its organic and paid ranking but there are certain limitations as a free user. After 10 requests, they'll ask you to register to submit more queries.

Keyword Analytics

SEMRush puts together an array of data across a website available online to provide a quick snapshot about what you are researching into. Some of the attributes you can look into include organic traffic, paid search traffic, organc and paid keywords and competitors:

Organic Traffic Analysis

SEMRush allows you to analyze your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. With this section, you can instantly acquire a report detailing the keywords that your competitors dominate (or receive most traffic). On the flip side, you can find out potential gold mine keywords that are up for grabs which you can target for your client or for your own website.

SEMRush is primarily a keyword analysis tool. You can search a domain and you’ll see list of all organic and paid keywords’ list for the domain alongwith average ranking data will appear immediately. Similarly you can search keyword and see top competitors on organic and paid search. For serious marketer, this is very huge help to get exact overview of scene without many efforts.

Competitor Ad Campaigns

SEMRush can save you a lot of time if you are looking to start a campaign in an industry that already has players doing the same thing. A quick advertising report will give you detailed analysis of ad campaigns of competitors allowing you to replicate their ad style, ad keywords and other settings. This way you can cash in on a piece of the pie without risk and wasting time with trial and error or you can fine tune your campaign to best theirs.

Of course if you are looking to penetrate an entirely new niche market this tool may not be very useful to you. However you may find some valuable information by analyzing data of players in a broader market.

Display Advertising Report

The Display Advertising Report feature takes you beyond just typical search marketing and allows you to analyze content ads that Google delivers to advertisers using the Adsense platform. With this tool, you can look into who the notable publishers are an even find out which publishers your competitors use to drive traffic to their website and replicate the same.

Backlink Analysis

Plenty of factors that constitute to SEO have changed but backlinks remain the most important factor when considering a site’s SEO potential. SEMRush allows you to look into the source and number of backlinks as well as its quality by assessing which site is linking to yours. It also provides an overview of anchor text which may give you further information on what keywords are popular in the industry. You can also look into certain aspects of backlinks that may be useful depending on the industry and type of website such as whether the link was a text, image or from a form for instance.

Backlink analysis and backlink data may not be as accurate and deep enough as dedicated backlink analysis tools like Ahrefs or Majestic are, but you can still expect fairly huge amount of data and overview.

Parallel Comparison

SEMRush provides a useful feature to track more than website in parallel and assess common keywords and other patterns. They call the feature domain vs domain tool This is excellent if you are going head to head with a competitor and need to track their moves. The tool however don't offer too much data as many other leading tools offers.

Keyword Tools

A couple of useful keyword tools are available in the platform including keyword tracking and keyword difficulty. The former is still being tested (beta) and provides a recurring report of where your website stands for a particular keyword. It is useful if you are running a rank tracking campaign for a particular keyword of your website. The latter as the name suggests will allow you to gauge how challenging it would be to dominate a certain keyword and if it is an apparently insurmountable or expensive task, the tool will suggest related but easier keywords to overcome and gain the coveted #1 spot on Google.

To give you a sense of direction you can look to the Site Audit which will advise you on things that need to be fixed and how well you are faring.

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Official Website $79.95/mo

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What you actually need to know

SEMRush By Jacob Hagberg on March 16th

There are 4 levels of pricing with SEMrush: Free, $70, $150 and $550 per month. This is a tool of small businesses, SEO agencies and big data users. The free or less expensive account will make sense for most users. But agencies probably need the $150 per month plan. As far as features goes, think of SEMrush as your all in one competitive analysis and keyword research tool. Yes, it beats out Google Keyword Planner. No, it is not your offpage super star. For that you need a Majestic, Ahrefs or a Moz. Easy of use is excellent as long as you watch the first tutorial listed below for their official youtube channel. The quality and features are good, they have been around a long time and you may recognize them as SEOQuake.

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