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Easy to use and provides value for money.


Not as complex and feature rich as some of the other tools available. Relatively newer compared to other products so may contain less collated data.


A product that offers value for money, ideal for new players to the game.

Detailed Review

iSpionage is a relatively new player to the search tools market despite being around for a few years. With their modest pricing, you can be guaranteed that you will get your money’s worth. 

iSpionage has a nifty feature to enter up to 3 domain names and compare them side by side. You get to gauge where you stand quickly against your competition in a single snapshot.


Similar to what you will typically expect to find in a keyword tool, you have the option of looking into domains and keywords and assessing competition and market performance. You will notice that iSpionage focuses more on PPC rather than organic search so this should be something to keep in mind depending on what you are looking to achieve.

iSpionage supports data from US, UK and Canada for now.

Keyword overlap

A fairly standard feature, keyword overlap has a bit of a unique twist as it allows you to compare keywords across different search engines (Bing and Yahoo) as well which can be useful if you are looking to advertise or rank in all 3 top search engines.


iSpionage ranks keywords based on two attributes that are not new concepts but typically not used to rank keywords. These two are Keyword Effectiveness Index and Ad Effectiveness Index. The KEI simply put, is decided based on CPC and demand of the keyword while AEI is calculated simply based on the duration that an ad has been running on the search engine.

While it makes sense to assume that a long running ad must be performing well, it could be out of negligence as well.
How many times have we left a mediocre keyword running for months to focus on the poor performing ones?

Campaign Monitor

Their next main feature is the Campaign Monitor tool. The Campaign Monitor is basically a report generation tool. This is nothing new in the world of keyword tools however with campaign monitors you get to generate a report based on your entire industry. The tool collates data from various sources (including competitors of course) and provides an entire strategy to launch your campaign complete with landing page ideas and keywords. This tool can be an essential weapon for the lazy marketer! Of course, it is advisable to tweak the report instead of using it out-of-box.

Note that the Campaign Monitor is an on-going process and depending on changes that occur you will be alerted instead of a single static report.


This is the most enticing part of the product. The “Silver” base package is less than $50 a month if you take the annual plan which is quite low for a keyword tool. You could pay $10 more if you do not wish to make a long-term commitment of course and pay just monthly.


iSpionage would be ideal for the new player to the market. If you are looking to just get started on PPC and organic search for a site that you are managing, this is a great tool to get the ball rolling. It will cost you only $60 a month and will give you plenty of features for it.

iSpionage most likely won’t be suitable for serious affiliate marketers as it does not have any specific tools catered to affiliate networks or marketers.

Merchant Price
Official Website $59.00/mo

Keyword Analysis Tool Features

  • PPC Keywords

  • PPC Ads

  • PPC Traffic

  • PPC Competitors

  • Ad History

  • Organic Keywords

  • Organic Rank

  • Organic Traffic

  • Organic Competitors

  • Rank History

  • Countries


  • Site Audit

  • Domain Comparison

  • Position Tracking

  • Backlink Research

  • Keyword Research

  • PLA Research

  • Affiliate Research

  • Free Trial

  • Developer API

  • Branded Reports

  • Support Options


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