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Pricing plan per tier and support up to unlimited agents. Option to choose from Hosted or On-premise licenses.


Starter pack is limited only to one agent, with limited storage space, and without SSL connection and the ability to put the software on a custom domain.


JitBit is a hosted help desk software that offers various features that you can use to run your customer service department more efficiently. The pricing plan is set per tier, not per agent, which is a good deal if you have a lot of customer service agents in your company.

Detailed Review

JitBit is a self-funded help desk software created in 2005 by JitBit LP, a private software development company based in Edinburgh, United Kingdom. The company provides a fast and stable hosted help desk software that will help to build good communication with your customers, as well as improve your customer satisfaction. They also offer many other tech products such as live chat software, CRM, forum software and much more.

Ticket Grid View

Ticket grid view is a special feature from JitBit which allows you to see the level of customer satisfaction that you have in your business. With the ticket grid view, you will be able to see the support tickets that have been submitted to you, and which ones need resolving fast. Not only that, you can also sort, manage, and organize your tickets by using this feature.

Activity Feed

Activity Feed will summarize the communication between your support team and your customers in one simple thread, with chronological order. So, no matter how long the conversation happens, as long as it is still on the same ticket number, you will be able to view the log of all conversations related to that ticket number. This will include the conversation of other agents with that particular customer, as well as the time and date in which each conversation occurs.

All Features In One System

JitBit provides an easy-to-use interface for your support agents, which will help them to access all features in one place. In this way, their job will become easier with this software, since all the features that they need can be easily accessed with a single click from the main dashboard. These features include canned response, email integration, file attachments, module for knowledge base, and so on.

Faster Setup

JitBit is a hosted support ticket system that you can set up instantly, and you can run your support system within minutes after the setup process. It also comes with the best security encryption technology, as well as an automatic backup mechanism for your system. And since this is a cloud-based software, you will always get the latest version of the software automatically. So, you don’t need to update your software manually.

Easy Organization & Management For Your Tickets

JitBit will make is easier for you to organize and manage all your tickets. You can set up categories for your support tickets, as well as tag each one of them. You can also group and merge tickets that are submitted by your customers, in case your customers have submitted different tickets at one time. By this organization and management, you will be able to assign your support agents to different categories depending on their expertise.

Reporting Feature

JitBit will provide you with a report about your support agents’ performance over a period of time. With this report, you will be able to measure the quality of your support agents, as well as how satisfied your customers are toward your service. Also, you will be able to see any changes that happen in your customer service department, improving the quality of it over time.

Mobile Apps

JitBit is also available on Android and iOS platforms, which means that you can always respond to your customers’ support tickets wherever you are, since you can always access your account from your mobile device. This will give more flexibility to you in providing the best support for your customers.


JitBit is a good and reliable hosted customer support system that you can use for your business. It has all the features that you will need in a help desk software, with easy user interface that makes the customer service job even easier for your support agents. The pricing plan can also be considered affordable, since it is not priced on a per-agent basis, which means that you can have up to unlimited agents by using this software, without any additional cost. This software is recommended if you need a good, secure, and fast support software for your business.

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A breath of fresh air

JitBit By Jason Kovalsky on October 5th

After trying a bunch of help desk solutions, I'm very happy we've found Jitbit Helpdesk. This app is so simple and yet so powerful it kind of puts many competitors to shame. Jitbit is not exactly a feature powerhouse, but it has everything we need, except maybe social networks integration. The design looks a bit outdated, but it works great. I don't think there is anything better at this price point.

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