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Groove provides all features that you need in a customer service software, with one simple pricing plan per user. It provides a free plan, with 30-day free trial for the plus plan.


Only basic features are available, with no extra features that might be needed by big companies. Relatively new provider.


Groove is a simple help desk software that you can use either for free or cheaply, with all the features that you need from a good help desk platform. With the company’s commitment toward simplicity, this software will not burden you with many useless features that you might not be able to use later.

Detailed Review

Groove is a customer support platform created by Groove in 2011, a software development company based in the USA that provides simple customer service software for businesses around the globe. In 2015, Groove has served more than 3,000 businesses and help them build a simple and effective communication with their customers.

Ticket Management System

Groove provides simple and easy ticket management system for your customer support agents, which will allow you to manage all your support tickets in one dashboard. You will be able to assign tickets to different agents, add private notes for specific tickets that will allow several agents to work together to solve the problem, and know the status of each ticket so that you will not respond to the wrong one. The easy ticket management system from Groove also provides support for multiple email addresses, forwarding feature that allows you to forward specific tickets to third parties, and put attachments into your email.

Integration With Regular Email Address

You can also use Groove directly from your email address without the need to log in into your Groove dashboard. With this email integration feature, you will be able to update tickets from your email address. You can respond to your support tickets, assign them to specific support agents, and create private notes for specific tickets from your email address. Then, the changes will be synced immediately to your Groove account once you logged back in. You can also forward customers' emails that are sent to your personal email address to your Groove account, and turn those emails into support tickets.


Groove also provides simple reporting that will allow you to know the satisfaction ratings for their customers. There is also a label trends feature that will allow you to know the most common labels that are used by your support team. The average first reply time will measure the responsiveness of your support team toward your customers' inquiries. The average handle time feature will track the time needed by your support to handle your customers' problems from start to finish. Then, there is a top canned reply feature that will show the most frequent common replies made by your support agents.

Knowledge Base Reporting

With Groove, you will be able to create a knowledge base that will list all the useful information, tips, and solutions for the most common customers' problems. In this way, your customers will be able to search the solution for their problems on their own without contacting your support team. Not only that, you will be able to measure the effectiveness of your knowledge base articles based on the feedback of your customers. You can track the top articles that are being viewed in your knowledge base and measure their usefulness as well.

Groove Add-Ons

While the features that are being offered by Groove will usually be enough to run an effective support system for your business, you can still add third party applications into your existing Groove account with Groove add-ons. Groove add-ons include integration with Twitter, online support widget, third party integrations, knowledge base, customer satisfaction ratings, and live chat. With this feature, you will expand your customer service platforms into various platforms, such as live chat and social media.


Groove is one of the most affordable help desk platforms that you can find on the internet today. It offers one simple pricing plan, with a free plan available for you to use without any time limit. The features offered in this customer support platform are enough to help you provide the best customer service for your business. This software is recommended for you if you have a limited budget and want to give better support for your customers in a simple and efficient way.

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Official Website $15/mo

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Help Desk Software Features

  • Email Ticketing

  • Merge Tickets

  • Canned Reply

  • Gamification

  • Knowledge Base

  • Community Forums

  • Live Chat

  • Languages


  • Time Rules

  • Collision Detection

  • Triggers Settings

  • SLA Settings

  • Customization

  • Custom Domain

  • Bulk Actions

  • Reports

  • Developer API

  • Free Trial

    30 Days

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  • Twitter

  • Facebook

  • 3rd Party Apps


  • Phone Calls

  • Mobile Apps


User Reviews

They don't fix bugs.

Groove By x on October 7th

They don't fix bugs. We've been getting email tickets incorrectly merged together for months and they're more interested in building chat integrations and vapourware mobile apps instead of fixing critical business logic errors.

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