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Powerful features with support for multiple platforms, Cheaper than other platforms, Day Passes to scale support solution when needed.


Advanced features require as high as $70/mo per user.


FreshDesk is a feature-rich support ticket software that will allow you to integrate your customer support system into multiple platforms, such as email, phone, chat, and social media. The pricing is set per agent, with a free account available, allowing you to use 3 agents for free without any time limitation.

Detailed Review

Freshdesk is a cloud platform to handle customer service inquiries, created by Freshdesk Inc. in 2010. Their headquarter in the San Francisco, California with development team in India. The company won the Microsoft BizSpark Startup Challenge in the same year. According to the official website, In 2015, their platform is used by more than 30,000 customers worldwide.

Ticket Management System

Freshdesk offers one of the best ticket management systems on the market today, with various features that you can use and gain benefits from. With this software, you can track your customers’ tickets, assign the priority of each one of them, and track your progress. Once it is resolved, you can just move on to the next ticket. There is also an interesting game mechanic within the Freshdesk ticket management system in order to keep the process fun for your customer service team. Moreover, you can also automate the process and get some insightful reports to spot customers’ issues that are kept showing up in your inbox.

Knowledge Base Creation Tool

With Freshdesk, you can create a knowledge base that will help your customers to resolve their problems on their own before contacting your customer service team. The knowledge base can be separated into two sections: the one for your customers, and the one for your customer service agents. With this knowledge base creation tool, you will be able to write knowledge base articles based on your customers’ problems on the fly. Not only that, this software also help you to optimize your articles for Google search engine. It can also suggest you to write the knowledge base articles on specific topics based on your customers’ problems.

Community Forum

Freshdesk will allow you not only to help your customers in the best possible way, but also to encourage your customers to help other customers as well. You can do this by creating a community forum, which you can do easily with this customer support software. With Freshdesk, you can minimize the amount of your support tickets by letting your customers to help other customers by engaging them in a community forum. In this way, customers that have a common problem don’t need to ask the solution via your ticketing system, but they can just read some information, tips, and solutions in the community forum and solve their own problems from there. This can save everybody’s time and resources.

Support For Various Platforms

Maintaining good communication with your customers in one place is one of the best features offered by Freshdesk. Not only you will make everything easier and more manageable, you will also be able to bring all the communication platforms that you use into one simple panel. Freshdesk allows you to integrate your email, phone, Facebook, Twitter, live chat, as well as in-app support into one big and powerful support tool for your customers. In this way, your customers can reach you from any platform that they want to use, and you can always be able to solve their problems immediately. With this feature, you will not miss your customers’ questions, no matter what platform that they use.


Freshdesk is a powerful customer support software that will help to ease the communication between your business and your customers. With this software, you can always solve your customers’ problems quickly and easily. The integration feature will allow your customers to reach you from any platform without worrying that you will not get their message. Also, you can sort the priority of each ticket to boost your response time. The pricing plan is flexible, and it is available in 5 different options. Overall, if you want to have a good customer service support software for your business, you can consider using Freshdesk to organize, as well as to improve the quality of your customer service team.

Merchant Price
Official Website $15/mo

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Help Desk Software Features

  • Email Ticketing

  • Merge Tickets

  • Canned Reply

  • Gamification

  • Knowledge Base

  • Community Forums

  • Live Chat

  • Languages


  • Time Rules

  • Collision Detection

  • Triggers Settings

  • SLA Settings

  • Customization

  • Custom Domain

  • Bulk Actions

  • Reports

  • Developer API

  • Free Trial

    30 Days

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  • Twitter

  • Facebook

  • 3rd Party Apps


  • Phone Calls

  • Mobile Apps


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Freshdesk By Alain H on December 27th

I have used both Zendesk and Freshdesk. I was planning to migrate to freshdesk ever since i heard but it was not easy. Recently we started using it and we're blown away. I won't say Zendesk is not as good as Freshesk. Both are good products and have their own pros and cons. However, I always felt that Zendesk is more like an Enterprise only product and there is less for small business owners like us. Freshdesk on the other hand is ideal for both. Freshdesk offers almost everything an ideal help desk software should offer. They're constantly evolving and pretty much free if you need only fewer features. Price is comparatively good. Support has been always fine for me.

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