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Provides a free grammar-checking tool that doubles as plagiarism checker. It gives a thorough check for your text, with complete suggestions to correct your text, including spelling, grammar, sentence structure, style, punctuation, and enhancement.


It doesn’t give you the suggestions to correct your writing unless you subscribe to one of their plans. The pricing plans offered by Grammarly might only be suitable for business users.


An accurate grammar checking tool that you can use to ensure that your writing is spotless from grammatical, spelling, and other writing errors.

Detailed Review

Grammarly is a grammar-checking software created by Grammarly Inc., a software company based in San Francisco (USA) and Kyiv (Ukraine). With more than 4 million users using this software, from corporations to universities, it has become one of the best grammar-checking tools on the internet. The company has also been regarded as one of the 500 fastest growing companies in North America.

Coupled with a plagiarism checker tool, it gives double benefits for your business, ensuring that your texts are unique and grammatically correct.

All-in-One Checking Tool for Your Writing

Grammarly provides four different tools to check your writing: Grammar Check, Plagiarism Checker, Proofreading, and MS Office Add-In. Each tool helps to check your text and identify the mistakes that you have made in your writing. The Grammar Check tool helps to identify grammatical errors that you have made in your writing. The Plagiarism Checker tool helps to check whether your text is unique or not. The Proofreading tool helps to identify mistakes as you write your text. And the MS Office Add-In allows you to add the Grammarly app into your MS Office software, so that you can get a more comprehensive spelling and grammar checker as you write texts in MS Office applications.

Algorithm Built by the Best Linguists

The software's algorithm is built by the best linguists to ensure the maximum accuracy in each checking that it performs. With the world's leading English language experts, Grammarly is capable of performing thorough checking for your texts, which allows you to correct more than 250 grammatical errors in your writing. Not only that, the software can also identify various other grammar-related errors, such as poor vocabulary usage and contextual spelling errors. The word database is constantly getting updated, and you always get the latest version of the word database as the software works online on a cloud platform.

Grammarly Services

There are various services provided by Grammarly that you can use to improve your writing, including Grammarly@EDU, Answers, Handbook, and Words. Each service provides the necessary resource for you to use the software better. The Grammarly@EDU service helps academia to learn how to write correctly with the assistance of the software. The Answers service provides a question and answer platform for those who want to learn more about how to use English properly. The Handbook service provides a basic yet detailed information regarding various grammatical rules found in English language. The Words service provides an online thesaurus, which gives you complete information about each word that you write.

Google Chrome Extension

The software has a Google Chrome extension that you can install directly in your Chrome browser. Once you have installed the software, you can use it to check the grammar and spelling mistakes in your email, Facebook status, and Twitter tweet. With the help of this extension, you no longer have to post incorrect Facebook status or Twitter tweet, which helps to improve the social media interaction with your friends and followers. It also helps you to instantly correct the writing in your email, to ensure that each email that you send to your contacts is free from any grammatical errors.


When you take a look at the whole function of Grammarly, it provides a really good job in helping you find various grammatical mistakes in your writing. However, since you cannot use the tool completely for free, it can only help to identify the mistakes in your writing without giving you any suggestion to correct it, unless you start paying the money to subscribe to one of its plans. Thus, this software might be suitable for businesses, corporations, or universities that want to improve the quality of their online publications. For individual writer or student, though, the price might still be too expensive to pay for the kind of tool that is already available in their word processing software.

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Official Website $11.66/mo

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