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Large number of templates, Landing page creator, List booster to build email list quickly.


No pay-as-you-go plan.


GetResponse is assuredly an excellent option and a serious contender if you are looking to set up an email marketing service.

Detailed Review

GetResponse was founded by a 17 year old entrepreneur Simon Grabowski in 1997. The platform is now one of the mainstream email providers offering a host of services to cater to virtually every need you may have in terms of email marketing. Today they offer the platform in 14 different languages and being used by more than 350000 customers worldwide. They have offices in 4 countries and employ more than 200 people.

Due to innovative product design and regular evolution in platform, the company won many awards. Let's look at the email software in more detail with their key features.


GetResponse has revamped its autoresponder service dubbing it as "Autoresponder 2.0" offering a number of features to segment your list and send automated emails accordingly. In fact, GetResponse has branded itself as simply an autoresponder service which can be seen in their advertising pitch via search marketing and banners. Automation does have its limits, though, as automatic emails cannot be sent based on following certain links like certain competitors offer.

Public Access

GetResponse has a really nice feature, which can be quite instrumental depending on the situation. Prospective clients who're not on your list have the option of viewing your newsletters via a publicly accessible domain if you wish to set this up. This allows you to entice more customers to enjoy your content as well as provide more means for clients who are not on your list to gain access to your content. Public access can be setup by re-publishing the content via social networks and other means.

Signup Forms

GetResponse offers one of the relatively largest pre-styled collection of user interfaces to choose from for your email sign up forms. The forms have been conveniently categorized based on business industry to make searching through the horde a lot easier. Additionally, make further customization based on your preferences to make your form even more unique to your competition.

Segment Based on Interest

Users can keep a track of your list based on click and opening activity. Mails that have not been opened can be resent with a modified subject line to entice the user to click the message and have a look. This single feature alone can convert a number of seemingly dead leads to a sale.

Their reporting interface offers detailed statistics about various email marketing activities. This is a clean, user-friendly interface to work with and should be understood by even the least tech savvy users.

Responsive Email Designs

Getresponse is among a few providers who offer responsive email templates. Since mobile device users are growing rapidly, you can’t ignore the power of them. Responsive email designs just like responsive websites, optimize according to screen size and thus offer customers better viewing experience. Currently GetResponse offers more than 500 responsive templates for their users.

When you create your email campaign and design any email, you can use these templates (regardless of your plan). You can also preview them to see how they will look like in mobile.

A/B Testing

There is a built in feature to test multiple email templates or design and check whichever works better. A/B Testing is a must have tool for any serious email marketer, especially when you have a big list of email subscribers.

The GetResponse's A/B testing tool can test multiple things such as email title, email content, sending time, sender’s name and more. There is also an option to select the percentage of members you want to test for anything. For example, you don’t strictly need to test two designs between 50% members each, you can rather set it like 20%-80% ratio as well. This kind of freedom is not offered by most of the service providers in this segment and this surely is a big plus.


Apart from the features mentioned above, there are many other features the product has to offer, some noteworthy of them includes time travel, advanced segmentation, online surveys and few others.

Merchant Price
Official Website $15/mo

Email Marketing Service Features

  • Email Designer

  • Email Templates


  • Form Templates


  • Drag n Drop

  • Responsive Emails

  • Autoresponders

  • Time Based Delivery

  • Landing Pages

  • A/B Testing

  • Click Tracking

  • Analytics

  • Form Builder

  • Email Preview

  • Mobile Apps


  • Social Sharing

  • App Market


  • Online Survey

  • Blog Newsletter

  • Manage Lists

  • Free Trial

    30 Days

  • Support Options


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User Reviews

Ideal Product for Internet Marketers

GetResponse By Jacob G on October 26th

I tried Aweber and Mailchimp in the past. Based on several recommendations, I decided to give a try to GetResponse and it simply has mind blowing features for internet marketers. The Landing page designer is not offered by most platforms, The auto responder feature is also awesomely designed compared to Mailchimp and require minimum learning curve. I wish they have pay-as-you-go plan for light users though.

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  • Quality
  • Price
  • Ease of Use
  • Support
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Switched to GetResponse from Aweber

GetResponse By Prakash Sharma on October 15th

I've been using Aweber for about 1 year, and at some point, I discovered a this email marketing software called GetResponse. While I didn't think that this email marketing software can do much better than Aweber, I did give GetResponse a try for a month. I created another project, using GetResponse as my main email marketing system, which has been doing great all along. With this email marketing system, I can convert more visitors into subscribers, and in fact, I can get double my subscribers in the period of a month, with the same promotion method and the same marketing system that I have. By far, this is my choice of the best email marketing software, and I have no regret in switching to this software.

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  • Support
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