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It is always better for you to pick the reliable DVD copy solution that you can use easily, while offering a lot of advanced features for your DVD backup. The backup process should also be fast and not taking too much CPU resources.  Here are some popular options you can count on.

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CDBurnerXP is a disc burning software created and developed by Canneverbe Limited, a software company founded in 2008 and based in Birmingham, Great Britain. The focus of the company is to distribute the CDBurnerXP software, along with other free.. [Read More]


WinX DVD Copy Pro

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WinX DVD Copy Pro is a DVD backup solution provided by Digiarty Software Inc., a leading multimedia software company founded in 2006 and based in Chengdu, China. The focus of the company is to provide professional and innovative multimedia.. [Read More]


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DVDFab DVD Copy is a DVD backup solution software provided by Fengtao Software Inc., a software company founded in 2003 and based in Beijing, China. The company provides various multimedia software solutions for professional and personal use,.. [Read More]


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DeepBurner is a disc burner software created and developed by Astonsoft Ltd., a software company founded in 2003 and based in Tallinn, Estonia. The focus of the company is to create various productivity software for both home and business.. [Read More]

DVD Copy Software Buying Guide

Stocking a large DVD collection takes a lot of investment to make, considering that each DVD can cost about $20 to purchase. If you love to buy the latest movie release on DVD, then you might need to invest hundreds of dollars in a month just to keep up with the latest releases. When you keep piling up your DVD collection, there can always be a chance for your DVD to get damaged or lost along the way, especially if you like to play your movies over and over again. This is why backing up your DVD is one of the best solutions to preserve your original DVD collection in its best condition.

There are various DVD copy solutions that are available online, but most of them cannot do the job properly. Many free DVD backup software is only doing a very simple job of copying your DVD into another blank DVD, without any additional features. You can’t pick the parts of the content that you want to keep, and you can’t pick the parts that you want to discard. Most free DVD backup solutions also offer very low quality backup, with the backup process taking most of the CPU resources. It can take hours to back up just one DVD with these tools.

With many commercial DVD copiers available on the internet, it becomes more difficult for you to pick the right one. Here are the things that you need to check when choosing a good copy software:

The Feature To Remove DVD Protection System

Most original DVD discs sold by retailers have a kind of DVD protection system that prevents it from being copied. Also, it usually has a region protection system that prevents it from being played in DVD players from other regions. The best DVD copy software should be able to bypass the DVD protection system and allow you to back up your DVD discs regardless of the region code.

1:1 Output Quality To Ensure Lossless Quality Playback

Some solutions may not offer you the lossless output quality due to various reasons, such as the longer time required to process the backup operation when the software attempts to preserve the original video and audio quality. The best DVD cloning software should give you the option to backup your DVD with 1:1 output quality, which means that the backup copy should be exactly the same as the original copy. It needs to produce the same high quality audio and video as the original, without taking a long time to process the operation.

Personalized Backup Options

Don't choose a software that doesn’t give you any personalized backup options. If the software only allows you to back up your DVD fully or create an ISO image for your DVD, then it is not a good backup solution for you. The best DVD backup solution should provide the options for you to back up your DVD according to your needs. Sometimes, you need to remove the subtitles, and some other times, you need to back up only certain chapters of the DVD. The software needs to give the advanced features to personalize your backup.

Quick Backup Operations

Many software may offer a lot of features for your backup needs, but sometimes, the software needs a lot of time to process the backup operation. This is due to the software using too much CPU resources from your system during the backup process. However, a good DVD backup software should offer you quick backup operations, and it should work smoothly even in slow computers. It shouldn’t take too much resources of your system during the backup operation.


Choosing a good DVD copy software for your need is not something to be done without thinking. There are many solutions that you can pick, but only one type of DVD copy software that is good for you. This software needs to be able to bypass the DVD protection system, give the 1:1 output quality, provide personalized backup options, and has quick backup operations. Lastly, you should also consider about the price that you need to pay for the software license, as well as the supported operating system for the software.