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Provides domain registration and NSA free zone features, which allow you to register your domain name through this service and keep it secure from government control. It also offers dynamic DNS support, host monitoring and failover, mailbox, and SMTP outbound mail.


The unlimited DNS record type and dynamic DNS support features are not available in the Domain Plus plan. The host monitoring and host failover features are only available in two most expensive plans, with only up to 3 records available.


The service is jam-packed with useful features that allow you to manage your DNS with full control, with 2-factor authentication, domain registration, and mail forwarding features. This service offers a very strict takedown policy with the NSA free zone, which allows you to keep your domains free from government control and takedown.

Detailed Review

EasyDNS is a DNS management service provided by EasyDNS, a company founded in 1998 and based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The focus of the company is to provide various internet services to anyone who need it, including domain registration, managed DNS hosting, web hosting, and email hosting service. The DNS management service allows you to have full control of all of your DNS records.

2-Factor Authentication and NSA Free Zone

EasyDNS provides two important security features that can protect your domains from third-party threats. These features are 2-factor authentication and NSA free zone. The 2-factor authentication feature allows you to securely control your DNS-related tasks and protect your domains from any unauthorized third-party access. On the other hand, the NSA free zone feature can protect your domains from the government, particularly the US government, which can request takedown of your domain anytime, whenever they think that your website is violating their rules. EasyDNS has a strict takedown policy, and since the data storage are located in Canada, your online properties are protected from the NSA regulation.

Domain Registration and Stealth URL Forwarding

Aside from providing the managed DNS service, EasyDNS also provides a domain registration service, which allows you to register a new domain name easily. You can even change your current registrar into EasyDNS and manage all of your registered domain names from the EasyDNS control panel. This feature can help you to keep all of your domain-related processes smooth and integrate them into one place. This service also offers the stealth URL forwarding feature, which allows to forward your URL address into another address without changing the URL address in the browser's address bar. This way, your visitors don't know if they are being forwarded to a different address, since they can only see your website address in the address bar.

Secondary DNS Service and Mail Forwarding

The secondary DNS service is an important service that ensures the continuous uptime of your domain names. This service offers a secondary DNS service as a backup DNS network for you in case of downtime, which rarely occurs. However, in the time when it happens, you can still resolve your DNS queries using the secondary DNS service feature. The secondary DNS are located in server locations that are different from the primary network. The mail forwarding feature is almost the same feature as URL forwarding. With this feature, you can create a new email address using this service and forward the messages received at this email address to a different email address that you already own.

Customized Park Pages

If you want to park your domain names using this service, you can do that easily. EasyDNS allows you to park your domains and customize the pages that are displayed to your visitors when they arrive at your parked domains. This feature allows you to take the full advantage of your parked domains, whether you want to sell your domain name or wait until you finish building the full website content for your domain.


EasyDNS provides various features to ensure the smooth management of all your domains, as well as full protection from third-party threats. It provides a strict domain takedown policy to prevent the government from taking down your domains. You can register new domain names through EasyDNS, switch your existing domain registrar, or forward your domain to a different URL address easily with this service. 

The secondary DNS service ensures that your domains are always active, even in the critical down time, which happens rarely. Additionally, the customized park pages allow you to change the page of your parked domains according to your needs.

Plan Name Pricing Terms Details
Domain Plus $15.00 Yearly
  • 20 Resources Records
  • 250,000 DNS Queries
  • Upto 3 POPs
  • IPv6 Support
  • 10 Mail Forwarding
  • Account Management & Security
Domain Standard $35.00 Yearly
  • Unlimited Resources Records
  • 1 Million DNS Queries
  • Upto 15 POPs
  • 3 AnyCast DNS Clouds
  • Dynamic DNS Support
  • IPv6 & DNSSEC Support
  • 50 Mail Forwarding
  • Account Management & Security
Domain Pro $55.00 Yearly
  • Unlimited Resources Records
  • 5 Million DNS Queries
  • Upto 20 POPs
  • 4 AnyCast DNS Clouds
  • 1 Host Monitoring & Failover
  • Dynamic DNS Support
  • IPv6 & DNSSEC Support
  • 100 Mail Forwarding
  • Account Management & Security
Domain Enterprise $15.00 Monthly
  • Unlimited Resources Records
  • $2 / Million DNS Queries
  • Upto 26 POPs
  • 4 AnyCast DNS Clouds
  • 3 Host Monitoring & Failover
  • Dynamic DNS Support
  • IPv6 & DNSSEC Support
  • 100 Mail Forwarding
  • Account Management & Security
Merchant Price
Official Website $15/Year
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