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Provides two-factor authentication to keep the service running with a high-level of security, with real-time statistics to keep you updated about your DNS performance. With affordable pricing, you get up to 50 million queries per month, 50 domains, and 10 DNS failover records.


The DNS failover records are not available in the Small Business plan, though you can still customize your plan later. The sub-user accounts are only available for the Corporate plan, which is the most expensive plan offered by this service.


The service guarantees 100% uptime, with HTTP redirection and two-factor authentication features to ensure stability and security. It provides real-time statistics, as well as expanded real-time statistics to evaluate your DNS performance anytime, with REST API access and the best web-based control panel.

Detailed Review

DNS Made Easy is a DNS management service for enterprise provided by DNS Made Easy, a company founded in 2001 and based in Reston, Virginia, USA. The focus of the company is to provide the fastest and most secure DNS in the world, with stable and reliable performance. With billions of queries received per day, the service consistently provides high uptime for the past 14 years since its launch date.

Fast DNS Speed and 100% Uptime Guarantee

The good thing about DNS Made Easy is that it is built for speed and reliability. The technology offered by this service allows you to cut the query resolution process for more than 50%, which means faster DNS service for you. Not only that, the websites that use the DNS from this service are powered in terms of SEO, which helps you to improve your ranking on the search engines. This is because the DNS speed allows faster website load time, which allows the search engine crawlers to index and rank the websites faster. Additionally, with the 100% uptime guarantee, you can enjoy continuous service from DNS Made Easy without any interruption. Also, it offers a higher standard for DNS services with its 500% SLA feature.

5th Generation Network and Instant DNS Updates

Aside from providing top-notch performance and reliability, it is also supported by the latest in hardware and software technology. The network and hardware architecture are constantly updated to meet the demands of the clients, as well as to keep up with the latest available technology in the computer and networking business. The focus of the company is to exceed the current industry standards and keep the network secure from the latest security threats. The instant DNS update feature allows you to update DNS instantly across all networks worldwide whenever you need it. It uses a proprietary technology provided by DNS Made Easy, with cascading multi-tier system that are connected with all DNS servers worldwide.

In-house Management and Elite Resolution Platform

The service doesn't use any third-party services to manage its DNS servers and networks, which means that everything is managed 100% in-house. It ensures the best management, stability, reliability, and full optimization for all the DNS services provided for each client. This is what makes the 100% uptime guarantee possible. With all of the technological aspects being managed by the company in-house, the service doesn't need to rely on any third-party companies to keep it running. Also, the elite resolution platform helps to minimize the problems that you might experience in using the DNS services, such as query problems. When there are problems with the queries between multiple sites, the other sites can handle the query load to balance the amount and keep a stable system. It ensures the fastest query answers since they are always done locally or on the nearest server.


DNS Made Easy provides one of the best enterprise DNS management services, with the latest technology and in-house management system. The service offers fast and reliable DNS servers that can be updated instantly, whenever you want and without any delay. The 100% uptime guarantee allows you to enjoy the service full time without any interruption. Also, the in-house management and the elite resolution platform allow you to experience the best quality service from DNS Made Easy, as well as ensure that each query is answered locally.

The technology used in this service allows you to secure your network with the highest security level, which protects you from the modern security threats. This service is perfect to be used by small businesses and big corporations who want to experience the fastest and highly secured DNS network for their domains.

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Cheaper, Reliable and Easy

DNS Made Easy By Jonathan A on November 18th

While there are already limited options when it comes to DNS Management services, DNS Made Easy is ideal choice for small business site owners. While there are some solutions available which are more inclined towards serving enterprise only clients.

Earlier, I tried CloudFlare's free DNS management along with web performance service. Didn't realize if it anyway helped with the performance but soon i started seeing weird search indexing pattern (Search engines indexed 1/3 pages compared to average) so had to immediately stop using them. Upon doing research i found many other users reporting same issue.

DNS Made Easy is dedicated domain name server management platform only and they seem to do their Job very well. Pricing is fair and from my 8 month's experience, can definitely vouch for these guys. You can get started with their free trial to start and then select $30/year plan.

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