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Consumer friendly, easy backup and restore, customized backup automation, and one of the most user-friendly UI available in the market.


Speed can be a little slow for large data backups


This is one of the simplest to use Backup & Restoration software available in the market. The biggest advantage is that it works with most of the common file systems available today, so you don’t have to worry about system support.

Detailed Review

When it comes to your data & files, Paragon software products are the best in the market. With almost 23 years of experience in data backup, restoration and security they never fail to amaze you with their creative products. Paragon Backup & Recovery software is one example of that creativity. They have succeeded in creating one of the most user-friendly Disc Imaging software in the industry.  It’s so easy to use that even a child (or a grandpa) can easily use it to secure and backup their data. It is a good choice if you don’t have much technical knowledge of computers.

Backup & Recovery tool comes in just one version, which is the full version. There is no demo version is not available for this software, however it will be available soon. The latest version comes with the upgraded features that are not present in the older ones.

Backup and Recovery has a bunch of neat features that are covered in depth in this article.

Scheduled Backup and Filters

One of the features that you’ll really like is that you could schedule a backup of your data on specific date, or time or even when you add a new file (how cool is that!), and it will automatically back up all the data. This is a really smart feature as you no longer have to back up data manually every time you get a new file.

Filters are another useful feature, which acts as a compliment to the Scheduled Backup (mentioned above). Filters let you exclude unwanted files that you do not want to back up, thus saving a lot of space.

Single Backup Wizard

This feature makes it one of the easiest to use backup and recovery software in the market. Whether you are a child, or a person with no technical knowledge, you can easily take a backup of your hard drive or any partition drive with just a click. There is no need to deal with various technical terms such as partitions, file systems etc.

Backup and Recovery Options

Backup & Recovery software has multiple backup options, so you can take your backup over the network, in a USB drive or onto an external hard drive without much hassle.

Paragon has the best-in-class recovery technology available in the industry and their Backup & Recovery program is no stranger to this. This software can recover almost about anything (even from corrupt hard drives) without a sweat. Moreover, it will automatically fix any bad sectors in your drive so that drive performs as good as new.

Shrink Restoration

Another amazing feature of this software is shrink restoration. Imagine that you want to restore the data on a new hard drive which has less space than the previous one (scenario: HDD to SSD). What shrink restore does is, it selects all the important files that you need to be saved, compresses them to save the space, creates a backup image and then restores it to the new drive. It also notifies you when a duplicate file is present so that you can choose whether you would like to restore it or not.

Additional & Advanced Features

If you are a professional computer user, you might want a greater control of your data. Luckily Backup & Recovery has many advanced features for you to use. Some of these features include the following:

  • Disk Map: View partitions in your file system.
  • Partition Manager: Create, delete and modify your partitions.
  • Scripting: Write scripts to automatically schedule backup and recovery. This gives you more control over the process. You can set filters, like back up only if the file is an image etc.
  • Encryption: Secure your sensitive files by encrypting them with a password so that only you can restore the backup.
  • Boot corrections: This option allows you to fix the corrupt sectors of your hard drive.
  • MBR Update: You can use this software to update your PCs master boot record.
  • Split Backups: In case you want to take backups in a different folder, you can use Split backups features.


Whether you are a novice computer user or a professional one, Paragon Backup & Recovery is the perfect data backup product for all your backup and recovery needs. Though priced on a little higher side, it makes up for the price with the features like advanced file system support and user-friendliness. Backup & Recovery is an excellent choice for all individual and business data backup and recovery requirements.

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