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Here is a comparison between Website Builder Service products Webs & uCoz.
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Product Name uCoz Webs Weebly
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Website Website Website Website
Price US$8.99 US$5.99 US$4.0
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Ease of use, secured hosting, free sub-domain, quick changes, increasing storage space, HTML5 support, diverse templates and widgets.

Ease of use, excellent e-commerce support, mobile support, Analytics integration, SEO, social media integration, affordable.

Ease of use, blogging and social media integration, great templates, cloud hosting, mobile editing, HTML5 support, no ads, free sub-domains, export or archiving.


Payment for removing ads, no mobile support, no drag and drop creation.

Free mobile site with ads, no access to coding, only two languages supported.

No backup history, no SSL support, No third party apps to extend website features.


Good option for the beginners.

Ideal for those who need a professional, feature-rich site in the easiest way.

A perfect option for those looking for creating and hosting a business or personal site without much technical knowledge.

Website Builder Features
Templates 250 50+ 120+
Private Domain Upgrade Upgrade Upgrade
Storage Varies Varies Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Varies Unlimited
Sell Online Upgrade Limited Upgrade
Hosting Uptime 99% No Data No Data
Social Sharing
Languages 16 2 11
Photos & Videos
Create Blog
Ad Credits Varies
Drag n Drop
24x7 Support
Unique Features Many Many Many