SEMRush vs iSpionage

Here is a comparison between Keyword Analysis Tool products iSpionage & SEMRush.
The comparison details include features, reviews, ratings and pricing.

Product Name SEMRush iSpionage SpyFu
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Website Website Website Website
Price US$79.95/mo US$59.00/mo US$79.00/mo
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Provides an in-depth overview of the state of a website, competitors as well as keywords in an industry in a fraction of time. Provides important data for organic SEO and PPC.

Easy to use and provides value for money.

Provides certain unique features such as Leads which provide traditional forms of contacting competitor websites such as Leads and Affiliates (discussed below).


Estimates should be treated as estimates as data may not be 100% accurate. No affiliate data research.

Not as complex and feature rich as some of the other tools available. Relatively newer compared to other products so may contain less collated data.

The interface can have bit of a learning curve for some users.


SEMRush is no magic wizard but will equip you with an arsenal of tools to make your online search campaign a lot easier. Definitely worth taking for a spin!

A product that offers value for money, ideal for new players to the game.

SpyFu may not appeal to all users but it has certain unique features that can make it worth the purchase even if you already have another PPC tool in your arsenal.

Keyword Analysis Tool Features
PPC Keywords
PPC Traffic
PPC Competitors
Ad History 8+ Years
Organic Keywords
Organic Rank
Organic Traffic
Organic Competitors
Rank History 8+ Years
Countries 22 3 US & UK
Site Audit
Domain Comparison
Position Tracking
Backlink Research
Keyword Research
PLA Research
Affiliate Research
Free Trial
Developer API
Branded Reports
Support Options 3 2 3