Olark vs ProvideSupport

Here is a comparison between Live Chat Software products ProvideSupport & Olark.
The comparison details include features, reviews, ratings and pricing.

Product Name Olark ProvideSupport LiveChat Inc
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Price US$15.00/mo US$15.00/mo US$19.00/mo
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Real-time visitor tracking, customizable designs and templates, targeted chat option, CRM integration, quick setup, 'Cobrowsing', 14-day free trial.

Customizable chat console, pro-active chat, co-browsing option, multilingual support, spelling checker, 10-day free trial + 30-day money-back.

Advanced customization options, visitor monitoring, chat and ticket tagging, social media integration, customizable chat administration options, 30-day free trial.


Fewer analytics options.

Fewer integration options.

No real-time language translation, costlier plan options.


Olark's customizable and intuitive chat interface, along with optimized tools such as targeted chat and cobrowsing, helps companies engage customers and build their businesses.

With a multitude of customizable user-friendly tools and time-saving features, ProvideSupport’s live chat software helps companies create new connections as well as maintain existing ones.

Offered as an SaaS model, LiveChatInc Software provides cross-platform chat support to small and medium businesses as well as large corporations.

Quick Overview
Market Strength 70 60 65
Feature Strength 87 80 90
Live Chat Software Features
Proactive Invite
Chat Triggers
Monitor Visitors
Integrations 10+ 22 40+
Translation Basic
Email Piping
Spam Control
Support Tickets
File Sharing
User Feedback
Transfer Chat
Canned Reply
Auto Hide
Mobile Apps
Security Basic Basic Enhanced
Offline Form
Free Trial 14 Days 10 Days 30 Days
Support Options 3 3 3