LiquidWeb vs ServInt

Here is a comparison between VPS Hosting products ServInt & LiquidWeb.
The comparison details include features, reviews, ratings and pricing.



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LiquidWeb offers various VPS hosting plans, according to the RAM size that you are going to use, with the smallest RAM size being 1GB and the biggest RAM size being 512GB. It offers various features with 100% uptime for your server.

Very flexible pricing options with fully customizable specification including hardware and drive size

WiredTree offers fast VPS service with an SSD-accelerated storage, which has a faster transfer rate than regular HDD. Various options to choose from, with various pricing plans suited for your needs as well as a la carte pricing option.


The same limited bandwidth size for each plan. Prices may vary in various zones.

The smallest plan for multi-tenant hardware offers only small CPU core. You can only customize your server specification on the single-tenant hardware plan.

Limited storage capacity with limited bandwidth. No option to choose a server with regular HDD.


LiquidWeb offers a wide array of features that will help you to gain full control of your server, and with flexible pricing plan, you will be able to choose the specification of your server and use only the specification that you need.

ServInt offers a wide variety of pricing options, divided into two big categories, multi-tenant hardware and single-tenant hardware. It offers various features with 4 IP addresses, cPanel, and free set up cost.

WiredTree VPS offers a range of features for your needs, with flexible pricing plans as well as a la carte pricing option so that you will use only the features that you need.

VPS Hosting Features
Domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Managed? Optional
Uptime SLA 100% 100% 100%
Bandwidth 5 TB 6-∞ TB 4-8 TB
Storage 5-1800 GB 50-150 GB 5-150 GB
Control Panels cPanel cPanel cPanel
Root Access
Backups Paid Free Daily
Free IPs 1 4 2
Allowed IPs 8
Billing Daily Monthly Monthly
Clone & Restore
OS Options 10+ 4 CentOS
DC Options 4 2 Chicago
Data Migration Free Free Free
Guarantee 30 Days 30 Days
Support Options 3 3 2
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