GoToWebinar vs omNovia

Here is a comparison between Webinar Software products omNovia & GoToWebinar.
The comparison details include features, reviews, ratings and pricing.

Product Name GoToWebinar omNovia WebinarJam Studio
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Price US$79/mo US$197/mo US$297/yr
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Provides a simple-to-use webinar platform for any business, with just three simple steps: invite attendees, start webinar, and collect feedbacks.

Provides desktop sharing, instant poll, Q&A manager, and eCurtain features that make your presentation more engagement, no additional price for additional moderators or presenters.

Offers unlimited webinars and unlimited attendees, with features geared toward online marketers. Allows to create pay-per-attend webinars, with solid social media and email marketing integration.


The pricing plans are set per organizer, which can be very expensive to pay if you have more than one webinar organizer.

Only Ideal for enterprise-level users, with pricing plans that can be considered expensive.

The price is set yearly, and this is the only option available. There is no free-trial option available.


GoToWebinar is geared toward simplicity, which means that all the complicated steps associated with webinar creation and presentation are being simplified with this platform. With three different pricing plans, you can organize high quality and professional webinars according to your business needs.

omNovia has complete presentation tools that you can use without the need to install any software, which means that you can use this service anywhere, in any device. The features are geared toward enterprise users to allow them to create engaging and interactive multimedia presentations for up to 5,000 attendees.

WebinarJam offers features that are best suited for marketers, product sellers, and businesses that want to attract more customers their way. The platform provides the full features that any marketer will need to present their product and sell it through their webinars, with no complicated pricing option to choose.