Formidable Pro vs NinjaForms

Here is a comparison between Online Form Builders products NinjaForms & Formidable Pro.
The comparison details include features, reviews, ratings and pricing.

Product Name Formidable Pro NinjaForms 123 Contact Form
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Offers a basic plan that allows you to create a free basic form, with unlimited updates and email notifications. It provides one-time pricing plan, which allows you to use the software without any time limit.

Free to use, which you can download immediately and use it indefinitely on your WordPress site. There are various add-ons to choose from, and each add-on purchase is backed up by a 30-day money back guarantee.

Allows you to create any type of form that you can use anywhere online in a few simple steps. It provides a drag-and-drop form creation tool, along with complete analytics to monitor the performance of your forms.


Only available for WordPress, and it cannot be installed on websites that use any other blogging or content management platforms. The support you get is free only for 1 year, and you have to pay the yearly support fee later.

Provided to you as a downloadable zip file, which you need to install manually on your WordPress website. It is available only for WordPress site, and it is incompatible with any other web and content management platforms.

Can not create unlimited forms with this software unless you subscribe to the most expensive monthly plan.


Formidable Pro is an easy-to-use plug-and-play WordPress plugin that allows you to build custom forms for your WordPress site, with various add-ons available to enhance your forms.

The Ninja Forms software is an easy and flexible WordPress form builder software that is provided for you for free, with a catch: you have to pay for the add-ons that you are using with this form. It allows you to create any type of form for your WordPress website with ease, and you can use only the add-ons that you really need.

123ContactForm is an online form builder software that allows you to create HTML forms easily, with built-in security, automation, and payment integration features.

Form Builder Features
Drag n Drop
Form Security
A/B Testing
Payment Integration 2 3 10+
3rd Party Apps 24 45 30+
Branch Forms
Form Rules
File Upload
Branding NA NA
Sub-domain NA NA
Field Validation
Deployment Self-Hosted Self-hosted Cloud
Support Options 2 2 4
Free Trial
Quick Overview
Market Strength 57 48 63
Feature Strength 71 65 88