Dyn Managed DNS vs Amazon Route 53

Here is a comparison between DNS Hosting Service products Amazon Route 53 & Dyn Managed DNS.
The comparison details include features, reviews, ratings and pricing.

Dyn Managed DNS


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Amazon Route 53


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Provides high security protection against DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks, as well as protection against natural disasters. The API integration feature allows task automation for your accounts, records, and zones.

Provides latency-based routing that ensures your website visitors are routed to the server region with the lowest latency possible. The health check and monitoring feature allows you to monitor the performance of your web applications, servers, and related resources.

Provides two-factor authentication to keep the service running with a high-level of security, with real-time statistics to keep you updated about your DNS performance. With affordable pricing, you get up to 50 million queries per month, 50 domains, and 10 DNS failover records.


The global Anycast network from Dyn only offers 18 points of presence (POPS), which may cause latency problems in some areas. It offers quite more expensive pricing for the zones, queries per month, and records compared with similar services.

Each of the features that you use are priced, which means that the managed DNS service from AWS can cost you a lot more than similar services, as they offer many available features. The health check pricing for non-AWS endpoints is more expensive than AWS endpoints.

The DNS failover records are not available in the Small Business plan, though you can still customize your plan later. The sub-user accounts are only available for the Corporate plan, which is the most expensive plan offered by this service.


Provides a high quality DNS management service with cloud-based platform that allows you to manage all of your DNS addresses without installing any hardware or software. The hacker and disaster protection system offered by this service can become one of the best investments for your business.

Provides highly scalable DNS management service with the AWS brand that is known for its performance and reliability. It allows you to use all of the features with pay as you go pricing, so that you pay only for the service that you use.

The service guarantees 100% uptime, with HTTP redirection and two-factor authentication features to ensure stability and security. It provides real-time statistics, as well as expanded real-time statistics to evaluate your DNS performance anytime, with REST API access and the best web-based control panel.

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