DNS Made Easy vs ZoneEdit

Here is a comparison between DNS Hosting Service products ZoneEdit & DNS Made Easy.
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Price US$29.95/Year US$16.8/Year
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Provides two-factor authentication to keep the service running with a high-level of security, with real-time statistics to keep you updated about your DNS performance. With affordable pricing, you get up to 50 million queries per month, 50 domains, and 10 DNS failover records.

Provides tertiary DNS to ensure uninterrupted service, which is one step ahead of the similar DNS management services that only provide secondary DNS. The backup MX feature allows you to back up all of the important email messages that you receive when you use your own mail server.


The DNS failover records are not available in the Small Business plan, though you can still customize your plan later. The sub-user accounts are only available for the Corporate plan, which is the most expensive plan offered by this service.

The credit system essentially allows you to use the DNS management service feature-by-feature, which means it might cost more if you want to use all the available features. It doesn't include advanced security features such as DDoS protection and 2-factor authentication.


The service guarantees 100% uptime, with HTTP redirection and two-factor authentication features to ensure stability and security. It provides real-time statistics, as well as expanded real-time statistics to evaluate your DNS performance anytime, with REST API access and the best web-based control panel.

Provides a DNS management service that you can customize easily in terms of the features that you want to use with the service. All the features provided by ZoneEdit allow you to control and manage your DNS for uninterrupted service, as efficiently as possible.