ClickWebinar vs Webinars OnAir

Here is a comparison between Webinar Software products Webinars OnAir & ClickWebinar.
The comparison details include features, reviews, ratings and pricing.

Product Name ClickWebinar Webinars OnAir WebinarJam Studio
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Price US$30/mo US$19.97/mo US$297/yr
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Provides a global web conferencing platform with a professional re-branding feature that allows users to personalize each of their webinars.

Webinars OnAir offers unlimited webinars on all plans and allows you to create paid webinars, and you can also create product offers and promotions within your webinar.

Offers unlimited webinars and unlimited attendees, with features geared toward online marketers. Allows to create pay-per-attend webinars, with solid social media and email marketing integration.


Pricing plans that are little expensive. The maximum attendees for the cheapest plan are 25 people, while the maximum attendees for the most expensive plan are 1,000 people.

Using Google Hangout Platform, Relatively New

The price is set yearly, and this is the only option available. There is no free-trial option available.


ClickWebinar provides excellent services and reliability that helps you create high quality and professional webinars for your business, especially with its professional re-branding feature.

The platform is integrated with the Google+ Hangouts service provided by Google, which means that you get the features provided in regular Google+ Hangouts platform, along with added features available from Webinars OnAir.

WebinarJam offers features that are best suited for marketers, product sellers, and businesses that want to attract more customers their way. The platform provides the full features that any marketer will need to present their product and sell it through their webinars, with no complicated pricing option to choose.