Buffer vs BuzzBundle

Here is a comparison between Social Media Management Software products BuzzBundle & Buffer.
The comparison details include features, reviews, ratings and pricing.

Product Name Buffer BuzzBundle Sprout Social
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Price US$20 US$0.00 US$59
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Manage multiple social media profiles, organises the posts, analyses the likes and shares.

Manages, schedules and organises posts, Publishing and Brand Management, No monthly fees.

Customized unified smart inbox, social CRM tools, leading scheduling and publishing tools, refined analytics and customer feedback, quality customer support features, helpdesk integration, live activity updates.


Inability to recur the same tweets or posts automatically, cannot tag other profiles on different social media, lets you add only one profile per social media site for free, does not support Google+ and Instagram.

Limited social networks supported

No free version


Management of multiple social media profiles and business relations can be quite a tough job for entrepreneurs and the Buffer App software aids people in doing exactly that.

The Buzz Bundle social media management software is one among many social media management software on the block that organises the social media profiles in such a way that lets users post to different profiles without signing in or out.

Sprout Social Software has been created for those users out there who find managing the domain of social media a tough job.

Social Media Management Features
Google Plus Page Only
Other Networks Youtube
Multiple Accounts
Draft Messages
Brand Mentions Twitter Only
Monitor Keywords
Post Analytics
Track Progress Basic
Collaboration NA
Schedule Messages
Security Basic Basic
Vanity URLs
Archive Messages
Mobile Apps iOS/Android iOS/Android
Create Reports