1Password vs Sticky Password

Here is a comparison between Password Management Software products Sticky Password & 1Password.
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Sticky Password


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RoboForm Everywhere


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Browser Integration, Automatic Syncing of data through iCloud, Dropbox or locally over Wi-Fi, 1Password Watchtower, Strong Password Generator, etc.

Works across all devices, AES-256 encryption, Automatic filling of forms, Password Generator, Efficiently syncs passwords and different bookmarks among multiple devices, etc.

Unlimited password management, stored-data directly accessible online, apps available for major smart-phone platforms, access to your logins on multiple platforms, generate secure passwords.


Sometimes support for android devices doesn’t seem user-friendly.

Do not offer online access to passwords,

Remote access does not allow editing of the form-fill data, does not explain difference between encryption algorithms, Bookmarklet can't fill forms.


1Password for Mac competently brings you both security and convenience of functioning, it supports major web browsers and it includes multiple and shared vaults.

Sticky Password is a convenient password manager that manages all your personal data and passwords. It offers great flexibility and includes plenty of useful features.

RoboForm Everywhere offers you one license for all your computers & mobile devices. You will have unlimited access to all your RoboForm data on multiple computers, tablets, mobile devices or USBs.

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