1Password vs Sticky Password

Here is a comparison between Password Management Software products Sticky Password & 1Password.
The comparison details include features, reviews, ratings and pricing.

Product Name 1Password Sticky Password Dashlane Premium
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Browser Integration, Automatic Syncing of data through iCloud, Dropbox or locally over Wi-Fi, 1Password Watchtower, Strong Password Generator, etc.

Works across all devices, AES-256 encryption, Automatic filling of forms, Password Generator, Efficiently syncs passwords and different bookmarks among multiple devices, etc.

Secure online password with AES-256 encryption, auto login & password auto save, secure password sharing, web access to your passwords, secure account backup & sync across all your devices.


Sometimes support for android devices doesn’t seem user-friendly.

Do not offer online access to passwords,

Not able to handle some oddball login pages in testing, a bit expensive.


1Password for Mac competently brings you both security and convenience of functioning, it supports major web browsers and it includes multiple and shared vaults.

Sticky Password is a convenient password manager that manages all your personal data and passwords. It offers great flexibility and includes plenty of useful features.

Dashlane premium comprise a comprehensive feature set including digital wallet, emergency contact features, security breach alerts, unlimited secure sharing, secure account backup, etc.