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Provides a premium antivirus protection system for your PC and mobile devices, allowing you to protect multiple computers at the same time. Protects your internet connection from hackers.


Doesn't provide the free version of the software, aside from the 30-day free trial version. Doesn't offer online backup solution and family protection features.


Includes various features that help to protect your computers and mobile devices, including premium antivirus protection, data theft protection, Wi-Fi protection, and mobile device optimization. It also protects your devices from non-secure communications, online frauds, and hacker attacks.

Detailed Review

Panda Antivirus Pro is an antivirus software provided by Panda Security, S.L., a security company founded in 1990 and headquartered in Bilbao, Spain. The company provides various security solutions for home and business users, such as antivirus, firewall, anti-spyware, and backup solutions. Panda Antivirus Pro allows home and business users to protect multiple computers at the same time, with support for mobile device protection.

Secure Web Surfing

Panda Antivirus Pro provides a complete antivirus protection with real-time security for your computers and mobile devices. One of the features offered by the software is safe web surfing. It allows you to connect to the web and surf the internet securely, protecting you from various threats, whether known or unknown. The real-time security always connects to the cloud to fetch the latest virus database, so that you can be protected even from new threats that haven't been identified by common antivirus software.

Bidirectional Firewall to Protect Against Hackers

This antivirus software is also equipped with the additional bidirectional firewall that is designed to protect your devices against hacker attacks. Hackers can gain access to your devices in various ways, including by using malicious software that is sent to you via an email attachment. Once they gain control of your device, they can do anything to ruin your system and even steal your important data. The bidirectional firewall provides a complete protection from hackers, allowing you to do your usual online activities with peace of mind.

Online Fraud Protection

There are various threats that can take your security at risk when using your device online. For instance, there are various possible online fraud attacks that you may get during your online activities. Hackers and intruders may try to steal your important data by sending you phishing emails to lure you into a fake website masquerading as a legitimate website. Once you have entered your personal information on that website, the hackers grab that information quickly and they can use it to commit various online fraud activities using your name. Panda Antivirus Pro allows you to protect against these types of online threats, which can prevent various cyber crimes from being committed using your information.

Secure Wi-Fi and Communication Channels

If you have an unsecured Wi-Fi network, it can easily be used by hackers to gain access to the devices that are connected to your Wi-Fi network. This can create bad communication channels between your devices and other devices. For instance, if you use your device to send instant messages to other devices, your messages can be intercepted easily by hackers, which is bad for your privacy. This antivirus software allows you to protect your Wi-Fi network and communication channels, and it gives active notifications regarding how to improve the security of your network.

Antivirus for Mobile Devices

Panda Antivirus Pro also provides complete security apps for mobile devices. For Android devices, you get various features such as antivirus, anti-theft, and device optimization. With these features, you can keep your Android devices free of viruses, prevent thefts from getting your device, and optimize your device for the best performance. For iOS devices, you get location services feature to keep track of your device location.


Panda Antivirus Pro provides a complete security suite for computers and mobile devices, with a bidirectional firewall that protects your computers against hackers. It also gives your mobile devices extra protection from viruses and thieves. This antivirus software is one of the best software to choose if you want to protect multiple computers and mobile devices at the same time.

Top Features


  • Real-time Threats Protection
  • Wireless Network Protection
  • Online Identity Protection
  • Scams & Phishing Protection
  • Removing Viruses & Threats
  • Online Communication Protection
  • Android Protection
  • Family Protection
  • Sensitive Data Protection
  • Computer Tune Up
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