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Allows you to protect unlimited devices with one subscription, which includes PC, Mac, and mobile devices. Provides a security management console to monitor all of your protected devices.


Only provides a free trial software for 30 days, not a fully-free antivirus suite. Only supports popular browsers and latest operating systems.


Provides a complete online and offline protection for all of your devices, which includes a comprehensive mobile security system. Securely protects your privacy and allows you to delete sensitive data from your devices without leaving any trace.

Detailed Review

McAfee AntiVirus Plus is a complete security protection software provided by Intel Security, a security company headquartered in Santa Clara, California, USA. McAfee was acquired by Intel Security in 2010, while the company itself was founded in 1987. The focus of the company is to help businesses and consumers to stay one step ahead of the various online threats that may infiltrate their system.

Virus and Online Threat Protection System

McAfee AntiVirus Plus provides a complete protection system that helps to protect all of your devices from viruses and online threats. So, you can protect your data and identity in real-time, with always-updated threat database that helps to expose new viruses and malware even before they are completely identified by the antivirus software itself. It uses the next-generation scanning engine, which allows you to scan viruses and other threats quickly and remove them from your system immediately, without harming your data. The two-way firewall system gives a strong protection against hacker attacks that are trying to steal your sensitive information online.

One Subscription for All Devices

The antivirus software allows you to protect an unlimited number of devices using one affordable subscription, paid yearly. There is also a free 30-day trial available, which allows you to try the software for free before using the paid subscription option. A 100% guarantee is provided within 30 days of your subscription, just in case you are not satisfied with the security system provided by the software. You can use one subscription for any device that you own, including PC, Mac, tablet, and smartphone with Android or iOS platform. Thus, no matter what device that you use, you are always protected from online security threats wherever you are.

Password Manager and Secure Cloud Storage

McAfee AntiVirus Plus provides some features that help you to securely store your sensitive data and information on your devices. Some of the features are password manager and secure cloud storage. If you are the type of person who has a lot of passwords to remember, it might be too risky to store your passwords in a text file. Password manager helps to securely store all of your passwords with encrypted data protection that prevents anyone from accessing your sensitive information. The secure cloud storage feature allows you to store all of your data on a secure cloud storage platform, which makes it possible for you to restore the data later, in case of system or hardware failure. The secure cloud storage platform uses your face and voice as a secure authentication system for you to access your important data.

Mobile Security Protection

The antivirus software allows you to not only protect your desktop computers, but also protect your mobile devices as well. The mobile security protection system provided by the software includes the remote wipe, remote location, and data backup features. With these features, you can wipe the data in your mobile device remotely, locate your device in case someone stole it from you, and backup all of your important data in the secure storage platform.


McAfee AntiVirus Plus provides a complete security system that allows you to protect all of your devices using a single subscription. With the next-generation scanning engine, you can find, identify, and remove any malicious threats from your system safely, without damaging your important data. You can also use password manager and secure cloud storage to keep all of your sensitive information and data secure and protected. The firewall system brings the best protection against hackers and prevent identity theft in your system.

Top Features


  • Block Viruses & Malwares
  • Block Ransomware Attack
  • Block Spywares
  • Block Unwanted Programs
  • Secured Web Browsing
  • Phishing Attacks Prevention
  • Dangerous Downloads Prevention
  • Easy-to-use Web Portal
  • Multiple Devices Management
  • Anti-Spam Toolbar
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Official Website $39.95
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