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Good for small to medium-scale affiliate business, with flexible pricing and exclusive pricing for big traffic websites. Instant setup with various features geared toward effective management and accurate tracking for your affiliate business.


Only good for websites with at least 3000-7500 unique visitors per month. Though there is special pricing for big traffic website, the service is still limiting the number of traffic that comes to your website, and the software is not feature-rich.


LeadDyno is a good affiliate tracking software that is worth to try, but only if you already have a website with good enough traffic.

Detailed Review

LeadDyno is an online affiliate tracking tool that was created by LeadDyno, a company based in Sacramento, California. LeadDyno has been helping affiliates around the world to track their affiliate business without hassles, with its easy-to-setup and instant integration feature. The company offers 7-days-a-week support for its users, as well as flat rate monthly pricing plans that you can pick based on the amount of your monthly unique visitors.

Fast Affiliate Sign Up

This feature will allow you to customize the affiliate sign up page in whatever style you want, and put it into your website easily. The software will allow you to create unique affiliate links for affiliates, which they can use to promote your products immediately, and you can track their progress in your affiliate dashboard. In the affiliate dashboard, you can see real-time performance update of your affiliates and post promotional materials that can be used by your affiliates right away.

Easy Social Sharing

With this feature, you will be able to grant affiliates the capability to share their affiliate links in various social networks. The social sharing buttons are integrated neatly in the affiliate dashboard area, allowing your affiliates to share your product promotion in one click. Your affiliates can edit their promotional messages and broadcast those messages in one click via email, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.

Easy Payment Integration

You will be able to use LeadDyno with various payment processors that are available in the market today. So, for example, if you are using PayPal, you can integrate your PayPal payment with LeadDyno platform easily. Thus, it will act as a front-end in your payment system.

Automatic Payment System For Affiliates

This feature will allow you to pay your affiliates automatically via PayPal, as well as via other payment processors like Dwolla and Coinbase. Once you’ve set up your commission plan, your affiliates will be credited with every sale that is made via their referral links. You can customize the payout option for your affiliates, as well as set the payout date for your affiliate program. The rest will go automatically. Once the affiliates reach the minimum payout, they will be paid automatically in due date.

Affiliate Dashboard

The affiliate dashboard of LeadDyno is a central command center for your affiliate business management. In the dashboard, you will see many features that you can use for your affiliate business. Those features will help you and your affiliates to promote your products even better. You can see real-time reporting in your dashboard, as well as social sharing buttons. You can also get important shortcuts to use certain features such as setting up the commission plan, setting up your affiliate program structure, and so on.

Branding For Your Business

You can brand your affiliate program via your affiliate dashboard. In this way, you will be able to keep your affiliate program look professional for your affiliates. This will allow more affiliates to trust your affiliate program more, since branding is very important to build trust in any business. You can customize your dashboard as you see fit, with options to change your logo, template, and finally embed it to your website.


As an affiliate tracking software, LeadDyno is a solid program that is worth to try if you want to build a solid affiliate program for your business. But, the software itself lacks good affiliate management features. There is no one-time pricing offered for the service, and you can choose your monthly plan based on the amount of traffic that your website has. For a starter website, it might not be recommended to use this service, though you can always use its 14-day free trial to evaluate the quality of the software first.

Merchant Price
Official Website $49/mo

Affiliate Program Software Features

  • Affiliate Creatives

  • Tiered Commissions

  • Integrations


  • Recurring Commissions

  • Coupons

  • Conversion Tracking

  • SEF Links

  • Multiple Campaigns

  • Affiliate Reporting

  • Commission Settings

  • Custom Commissions

  • Mass Payout

  • Payment Integration


  • Action Commissions

  • Split Commission

  • Multiple Languages

  • Multiple Currencies

  • Export Data

  • Affiliate Managers

  • Deployment


  • Free Trial

    14 Days

  • Support Options


User Reviews

Powerful Affiliate Software!

LeadDyno By Stephen A. on November 3rd

I don't think that tracking your affiliates can be easier with any other tool but LeadDyno. I've been using several affiliate tracking tools out there, comparing the new one with the last one that I use. So far, LeadDyno is my best choice for affiliate tracking software, simply because of its features and accuracy. It's so very easy to recruit new affiliates using this tool, and paying them is just even easier. You just need to integrate your chosen payment option, and you can pay your affiliates instantly with one click. Thanks to this tool, I've been working with top quality affiliates, producing more and more sales for my eCommerce business day in and day out. The sales just keep coming thanks to this tool. Recommended 5-star product.

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Using It Since Inception Without Any Problem

LeadDyno By Khackik E. on September 28th

LeadDyno has been a part of my business since the year 2013. Back then, I have a good increase in website visitors through affiliate program for my niche ecommerce store, and I needed a system that is better to manage my few affiliates. Upon switching to LeadDyno, I get lots more affiliates than what I originally have, producing thousands of dollars of increase in profit per month. I am so happy to use this affiliate tracking tool, because this is one of the most profitable investments that I've ever made in my online business. I also tried iDev and PAP in past but you'll surely love LeadDyno for their simplistic approach.

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