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Provides a complete ad serving platform for both advertisers and publishers. Has built-in quality scores and traffic audits.


Dedicated account manager is only provided for professional and enterprise plans. The traffic quality monitor is not available in the basic plan.


Offers an all-in-one ad serving platform with multiple solutions for advertisers, publishers, and agencies. Focuses more on giving the best performance impact for your business.

Detailed Review

CPXcenter is an ad serving platform created by Yesup Media, Inc., a company based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The focus of the company is to help online businesses run their digital marketing campaign more effectively, with a secure digital ad platform that they can use to buy and sell ads easily. The platform allows any publishers and advertisers to keep their business ahead of their competitors with the innovative traffic quality index and ad media exchange features.

Traffic Control and Optimization

CPXcenter allows you to control and optimize your traffic in the best possible way. With this feature, you can do various things to ensure the traffic that comes to your website is the best quality traffic that is available. You can block your traffic and prevent any bad quality traffic from becoming a part of your campaign, by blocking specific IP addresses, advertisers or affiliates, and campaigns or sites. You can also set the maximum number of traffic in your campaign, by limiting the hourly impression, daily conversion, site conversion, and impression per IP.


Targeting is very important in your ad campaign. This platform provides a complete targeting capability that allows you to target your audience effectively. You can target your audience based on various options, such as geographical, device, language, hardware, browser, ISP, and operating system. For instance, with geographical targeting, you can choose a specific target audience from the list of more than 240 countries available. With the device targeting, you can target a specific audience based on the device that they are using, whether it is desktop, mobile, or even isolated devices. With the operating system targeting, you can target only the audience that uses a specific operating system, whether it is a desktop or mobile OS.

Conversion Tracking

It is important to analyze the success of your campaign, since by doing that, you will be able to replicate your success in the future. You can even increase your conversion rate by tweaking various aspects of your campaign. The conversion tracking feature from CPXcenter allows you to do just that. There are multiple conversion tracking methods offered in this platform. The image pixel method allows you to insert a very small image into your campaign, so that you can track it. The server to server method allows you to track your campaign conversions with server-to-server postback URL. The SDK method allows you to track your conversion via the SDK platform for mobile operating system, and it is available only for mobile apps.

Campaign Options

The way you run your campaign can affect the success rate of the campaign itself. This platform offers various campaign options, such as affiliate category targeting, private campaign, category separation, and date/time expiration. With affiliate category targeting, you can either turn your campaign on and off for the particular affiliate category. With private campaign, you can turn your campaign privately and prevent it from being displayed on your affiliate network. With category separation, you can categorize your campaign into different groups, so that your affiliates can search for the type of campaign that they really want to promote. With date/time expiration, you can schedule your campaign to run at a specific time or date.


CPXcenter allows you to use a unified ad platform for all of your digital marketing needs. It offers various solutions that you can use to maximize the performance of your online marketing, by optimizing your traffic and conversion. You can also scale your business easily using this platform, since it is totally flexible and it is designed to fit perfectly with your business needs on any level. With various features that are offered by this ad serving platform, you can maximize your ad revenue, while making sure that your clients are happy with the result that they have.

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