Top A/B Testing Tools

AB testing software are greatly useful for the purpose of conversion rate optimization as it helps in making decision about different changes that you think can optimize the conversion of your websites. Below are some leading split testing tools compared including their price and feature to find ideal solution for your online advertising need.

AB Testing Tools Buying Guide

The main concept behind the A/B testing methodology is to release two different versions of one thing that is being developed and then to see which performs best. This approach of testing can cover such a wide variety of business processes that range from traditional direct marketing to websites and email marketing. AB Testing tools include feature set of different variety of testing along with some other features like WYSIWYG editor, Multivariate testing, heatmaps, advanced targeting, segmentation, etc. that help in achieving the primary goals of site owners i.e. conversion optimization.

AB testing tools can accurately measure performance differences between two options and for that you only need to collect different relevant data as only by doing so you can compare the results. All these tools help in converting a visitor to your website into a customer. The main idea behind using these tools is to increase you website traffic and sales in the most effective manner by reducing the bounce rate of your website. Basically in the field of online marketing driving traffic to your website is the most important aspect of being successful and these tools are greatly useful in doing so. Convincing visitors to take an action that you want them to take is a real key behind conversion optimization.
These days variety of techniques are getting prevalence in the field of online marketing for optimizing conversion of websites for example tweaking design elements and signals or revamping the copy of landing page amongst others. Some of the noticeable techniques that are used by AB testing tools for increasing conversion rate of websites are explained below so that you can comprehensively understand the actual methodology involved in whole process.

Split Testing & Segmentation

For collecting needed data these tools segments visitors with the help of different variables like their locations or browsers or devices used by them. Tools also analyze traffic source, operating systems, referring URLs, visitors’ behavior, keyword, and so on. Testing tools use split testing for optimizing your traffic segments by collecting reports on all the different important measures. By using such sorts of analysis these tools effectively reduce the bouncing rate of your website as it minimizes guess works for your visitors by allowing you to offer them what they prefer. All this help you in offering what visitors want, which help visitors in their decision making mostly in your favor.


By using surveys testing tools capture different leads and hence they offer valuable insights needed for optimizing conversion. The methodologies used behind surveys include a properly organized pattern that comprises advanced segmentation, lead generator, scheduling, questions types, branching logic, and reporting sorts of features quite comprehensively. There are varieties of combinations available with segmentation while question types also include different marketing questions for analyzing thinking patterns of visitors. Features of customized survey windows are also allowed by some testing tools.

Tracking & Reporting

AB testing tools track different clicks along with traffic sources, form submissions, numerous conversions, locations, device, landing page variations, etc. in real-time also by including multiple report combinations. These tools also offer weekly campaign performance reports along with the summary of activities that are planned for the next week. Testing tools also provides different custom reports types that can be important for you in making apt analysis of the behavior of your visitors. Testing tools also include records of contents according to their dates of submission and approval additionally by including a link of the published content that can be quite useful in decision making.


A/B testing tools include such a variety of testing to provide you the perfect analysis of visitors’ behavior that will be very helpful in optimizing the conversion. Different types of tests that are done by these tools are A/B testing, Split URL testing, Multivariate testing, behavioral testing and so on. These testing are used for effectively determining the changes that will be really helpful in optimizing traffic on your website. All these test help in providing different real time results and they are also quite easy to perform with two variations and some of them with multiple variations. A/B testing deals with two versions of a page while multivariate testing can comfortably compare higher number of pages.


AB testing tools help in optimizing the conversion of your websites or mobile apps in the most effective manner. Features set of these tools include amazing features like personalization, heatmaps, easy integration with third party analytic tools, reporting that also includes statistical reliability indicator, automated test optimization, unlimited number of tests and so on. There are so many areas that need your attention as they are important for your revenue generation and some of them are landing pages, pay per click ads, shopping cart processing, product pages, email messages, etc. Testing tools used for conversion rate optimization deal with all these areas in the most productive manner by providing you the solutions that can guarantee the increase in profit for your business.